Westport Early Childhood Collaborative

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Most children living in the town of Westport are ready for kindergarten.  However, there are some children and families -- especially those living in public housing -- that are struggling and need assistance. 

Working with the Department of Human Services, local pre-school providers and early intervention providers, United Way makes it possible for children and families at high risk to get the services they need. 

These services include access to a quality pre-school program, help from a home visitation program or both.  Our support has allowed parents to find employment and gain financial stability knowing that their
child is getting the support they need. 

As part of the wrap-around services to ensure each child is successful, a need to provide quality after school childcare was identified. In partnership with Westports' Department of Human Services and the Westport / Weston YMCA, scholarships are provided to families providing kids with a safe place to go after school, which integrates them into their community allows children to thrive.  Kids recieve help with homework as well as time to play, keeping them on track acedemically. 

Quality, safe after-school care, unitl 5pm or after, can be difficult to find. Knowing a child is at the YMCA, a parent/s can  work full-time giving them an opportunity to better their family's financial well-being.