The Stories of Neighbors Helping Neighbors

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These are some of the stories about Neighbors Helping Neighbors.

Joe Scilia Finds Doors Opening

Joe is a young man, age 21, born in Derby and raised in Wallingford.  He is articulate, bright, and personable and has a most engaging personality.  Coming from a troubled family, his grandparents raised him from the age of 2, although he did live in Vernon for about five years with his mother and stepfather.  He graduated from Rockville High School in June 2010.  His dream when he graduated was to be an actor, singer and writer. Little did he know then that by the end of the year, he would be homeless. [READ MORE]

Migel and Pilar Find comfort and help at Bridge House

“I don’t know what would have happened to us, if it weren’t for FSW,” Miguel said. “I’m afraid we would have ended up on the street.”

Miquel and his wife, Pilar, fell behind in their shortly after Miguel was laid off from his $20,000/year job as a construction worker in January 2009.  He had been with the company for eight years.   The couple lived in a small $609/month apartment with their four year-old son. Pilar was expecting their second child.  Miquel hoped to find work quickly, but construction jobs were hard to find.  Pilar’s income from cleaning offices kept the family afloat. In May, Pilar became ill and miscarried.  She was unable to work for several weeks.  [READ MORE]

John’s livelihood slips away but helped by Supportive Housing Works

“John”, his wife, and their three children had maintained stable housing for their entire lives.  John worked as a carpenter in the wealthier suburban towns, and his wife occasionally temped as an elementary school bus driver. One evening after leaving a job site, over $7,000 of John’s tools were stolen from a private home that John was renovating.  The homeowner didn’t have builders insurance, John couldn’t afford to replace the tools, and the financial instability snowballed until John and his family of five were bouncing around from couch to couch.  [READ MORE]

Westport Resident warms up because of Westport Warm-up Fund

This  87 year old man, with macular degeneration,  is now living alone since his wife has had to move to a nursing home because of her advanced Alzheimer’s. With  a vision problem that is worsening this client is mostly homebound and dependent on a nephew for managing his financial affairs. His limited income has made the winter season stressful, but thanks to the WarmUp fund he has been able to stay warm without worries.

Testimonials about Familywize

Amber, FamilyWize Employee

"I gave the cards to my parents who have Health Savings Accounts with very high deductibles. My stepfather takes a blood pressure medication which went down from over $40.00 to $15.00. Huge savings! More savings for them = more money spent on us! It was a win-win situation for me."

Naomi Adler, Partner

"There are many people who want a specific drug that may not be covered by their insurance, and they've used it. And there are others that can't afford any prescription drugs at all and of course this helps them too." [READ MORE]