Norwalk ACTS

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A diverse and transformative partnership of over 100 civic leaders and organizations, taking collective action to ensure the success of Norwalk’s youth.

The mission of Norwalk ACTS is to enrich and improve the lives and futures of all Norwalk children and youth, from cradle-to-career.

Norwalk ACTS is a member of the national StriveTogether network and uses the collective impact framework to support the community to align the community resources using data to support action and decision making that will change outcomes for Norwalk’s children and youth.


 Members work to make sure all Norwalk children: 

  •  Are ready to enter kindergarten
  •  Meet the goal level in 3rd grade reading
  •  Have the necessary skills to successfully transition from the 5th to the 6th grade.
  •  Graduate from high school in four years ready for college, post-secondary training or full-time employment and that graduates are career-ready with a college degree or professional certificate.


As a member of Norwalk ACTS United Way of Coastal Fairfield County is actively involved in the work necessary to achieve these outcomes including serving as Co-Chair of the Implementation Team, as members of the Investors Group and playing a leadership role in the work around kindergarten readiness.

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Norwalk ACTS Community Impact Report

This report provides a comprehensive summary of Norwalk ACTS’ Collective Impact process, strategies and initiatives aimed at strengthening the six Community Level Outcomes that affect children and lead to success in the classroom and in life.






Norwalk ACTS Baseline Report