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Cradle to Career Collective Impact


We Imagine if we were able to achieve this vision: Supporting the success of every child from Cradle to career.

The impact would be tremendous. Children would thrive. A sense of hope would emerge in long struggling neighborhoods, communites, and regions. Our economy would also improve as a more skilled workforce feeds innovation and growth.

We are not starting a new program or proposing an education reform agenda.  We are building a civic infrastructure in the community to support improved cradle to career outcomes.  This infrastructure involves local stakeholders as part of the solution.  This is long-term, roll up our sleeves work that will help us connect and align efforts, use data to inform us about what is working and why, and will position us to advocate for what works.  Across the country local stakeholders, practitioners, policy makers and funders are recognizing the need to work in this new way to solve complex social issues.

“We believe that there is no other way society will achieve large-scale progress against the urgent and complex problems of our time, unless a collective impact approach becomes the accepted way of doing business.” (Hanleybrown, Kania & Kramer, Stanford Social Innovation Review, January, 2012.)


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 United Way of Coastal Fairfield County is the Backbone organization to this effort