Changing the Odds for Children

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The first eight years of life are a time of rapid development and great importance. Early experiences significantly affect the quality of a child’s adult life.

We have created many partnerships at the local, state and national level and our United Way acts as facilitator, leader, investor, coordinator and evaluator based on need.  We share best practices and leverage resources to create an environment that will change the lives of children in need so they will be developmentally on track and ready to succeed when they enter kindergarten.

In addition to our early childhood development work, we are supporting the work done in the community around mentoring to help ensure students graduate on time.

We are also engaged in efforts to address the basic needs of our struggling families.  We know the impact poverty has on a child and the importance of access to affordable, stable housing and the basic essentials of food and clothing.  Visit the Neighbors Helping Neighbors Section to find out what we are doing to create the safety net of services so important to the healthy development of our children.





The Ways we are Changing the Odds for Children!

    Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children

    Bridgeport East Side Promise Neighborhood

    Books for Kids/Read at Home

    Norwalk Early Childhood Council

    Schools of Hope

    Stratford Parents’ Place

    The Mentoring Institute of Coastal Fairfield County

    Westport Early Childhood Council