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Building a cradle to career infrastructure to support success.


What is Bridgeport Prospers Cradle to Career?

Bridgeport Prospers is a new way of working together to create exceptional results for our young people and community. We are coming together around a shared community vision.

We believe in working intentionally across the entire cradle to career continuum and using data and evidence to inform our decisions. We are engaging local stakeholders from all backgrounds to track our progress and adjust our course.


Conditions for Collective Impact

Achieving large-scale change involves working in new ways.  Bridgeport Prospers has adopted the following 6 conditions for the collective impact in Bridgeport.

  • Common Agenda
  • Fact-based Decision Making
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities
  • Collaborative Action and Open Engagement
  • Investing in What Works
  • Backbone Organization
Key Outcome Areas

Bridgeport Prospers has identified nine outcome areas for intense focus. They are points along the cradle to career continuum that are proven to be key levers that need to be moved in order to achieve the cradle to career vision and goals.

Within each outcome area, specific measures will be used to track progress and hold the community accountable for its success.

  • Infant Health ~ All Bridgeport infants will be healthy
  • Kindergarten Readiness ~ All Bridgeport children will be ready for kindergarten
  • Early Grade Reading ~ All Bridgeport children will be reading on grade level
  • Middle Grade Math ~ All Bridgeport students will master middle grade math
  • High School Graduation ~ All Bridgeport youth will graduate from high school, college and career ready
  • Youth Safe from Violent Crime ~ All Bridgeport youth are safe from violent crime and other at risk activities
  • Post-secondary Enrollment ~ All Bridgeport young adults will enroll in college, apprenticeship or career training
  • Post-secondary Completion ~ All Bridgeport young adults will achieve post-secondary degrees or credentials
  • Youth Employment/Jobs ~ All Bridgeport young adults will be prepared to enter the labor market

In each outcome area, we measure what matters, identify effective practices and align resources so that we are investing in what works.

Bridgeport Prospers thanks those who have generously invested in this work with commitments of time and funding

   The Grossman Family Foundation



Member of the StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network, a national network of communities working to improve education success for every child through a data-driven, quality collective impact approach. Connected by their work on the ground, StriveTogether Cradle to Career Network members are committed to sharing knowledge, building upon what works and driving action to improve key outcomes along every child’s path to education success.




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