Norwalk Early Childhood Council

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The Town of Norwalk has roughly 6,000 children under the age of five .  About 28% of children who enter kindergarten are deficient in the language and literacy skills they need to succeed.  Through our work with the Norwalk Early Childhood Council and Norwalk ACTS we are helping to identify and implement strategies that will provide all Norwalk children the support they need to be developmentally on track for kindergarten.

Currently in Norwalk,

Serving as Co-chair of the Norwalk Early Childhood Council, we are instrumental in the development of an early childhood plan for the community that aligns and brings resources to the community that will close gaps in health services, address capacity and quality of infant/toddler and preschool programs, and create supports for struggling families.  In addition to our efforts to support children birth to age five, we work with the school district and community organizations to focus on kindergarten through third grade with the goal  of having all children reading at the critical third grade reading benchmark.

Access to Quality Pre-School
Work being done in birth to three child development involves includes access to quality preschool programs, scaling programs that deliver results, linking resources so children don't fall through the cracks and providing parents with information and training so they know what to do to support their child's development.

Books in the Home
Our specific efforts to increase language and literacy development focuses on distributing books – 600 books given at well child visits and 1200 given to parents with newborns. These provide parent education, especially for Spanish speaking parents, through the Raising Reader's  Book Clubs, and the annual Well Fest, which informs and engages  families about good nutrition, immunizations and where to go for services.

Report: Norwalk's Early Childhood Plan (click on image below to view report)