What Academic Coaching Has Done for Nehemie

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Horizons Student Enrichment Program at New Canaan Country School

Nehemie is a twenty-five year old Academic Coach working with Horizons high school students. Nehemie was a Horizons student herself, when she graduated from Brian McMahon High School and then went to the University of Vermont. Nehemie credits her personal college aspirations to her participation in Horizons. In fact, Horizons has been a big part of her life for as long as she can remember. She joined the Horizons family as a sixth grader. She was a Teaching Assistant in our summer program for 7 years, from 2004-2011. For the past three years, Nehemie’s Horizons experience has come full circle, as she has been an Academic Coach for the Horizons High School Program. At the same time, she is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in Social Work at NYU and expects to graduate in May 2016.  As an Academic Coach she meets one-on-one with four Horizons high school students, once a week. She describes her role with her students with great enthusiasm: “I am responsible for aiding in post high school readiness, assisting in the development of psycho-social skills and providing an environment for socio-emotional learning and organizational development.” Most importantly, having graduated from the Horizons program, she is a mentor and living proof of the potential dreams and opportunities for her students.

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