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Amber, FamilyWize Employee

"I gave the cards to my parents who have Health Savings Accounts with very high deductibles. My stepfather takes a blood pressure medication which went down from over $40.00 to $15.00. Huge savings! More savings for them = more money spent on us! It was a win-win situation for me."

Naomi Adler, Partner

"There are many people who want a specific drug that may not be covered by their insurance, and they've used it. And there are others that can't afford any prescription drugs at all and of course this helps them too."

Lamar Spruill, Partner

"My son, who's five years old, got sick. He caught a cold and it got a little worse, so we took him to the doctor. We didn't have insurance and when the doctor gave us his prescription, it cost $536! With the card, we only paid $32!"

Maureen Quinlan, Partner

"When I explained to the director what FamilyWize could do for the cancer patients she works with, she said, "I feel like you just gave me gold!" At least half of the clients they work with have no insurance so they have trouble getting the essential prescription medicine they need as they undergo their cancer treatment."

Angela, Card Member

"Having no insurance can be really stressful at times. Then I found out about FamilyWize and how I could at least save money on the prescriptions I need. Every dollar counts!"

Daniel, Card Member

"Last summer, I had a medical emergency and no insurance. I couldn't afford the medicine my doctor prescribed. A friend gave me a FamilyWize card and I was able to get everything I needed. If you know of anyone in a similar situation, please give them a FamilyWize card!"

Floyd, Card Member

"The pharmacist kind of chuckled and said, "we'll see if this saves you anything." She was surprised as was I that a $136 prescription came down back at only $32.32. Thank you FamilyWize, it was very cool."

Val G, Card Member

"You don’t think about insurance when you have it. It’s just there. You go to the doctor, you go to the pharmacy, and take out your card and pay your co-pay. I had lost my job AND my insurance. It’s a real shock the first time you have to pay full price for everything. I had no idea it would be so expensive! My wonderful pharmacist told me about this card, and showed me how much I would save. I just wouldn’t have been able to get my medicine without her help, and with asthma, that’s not even an option."

Aliciam, Card Member

"I really like being my own boss, but I can't possibly afford health insurance as an individual. I'm so glad there's something like FamilyWize that makes it so I can buy medicine for myself and my children when we need it."

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