Seliana Seradieu is Honored to be Part of the Carver Center Youth Development Program

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I am a sophomore at Norwalk High School.  I joined the Carver Youth Development Program last year when I entered high school. When I first joined, it was not voluntarily. Now, my outlook on the program has changed completely. At first, it seemed as if it was a chore to go to the afterschool program because my parents forced me to. Today, I come to the program because I want to.

Through the Carver Program, I’ve made new friends, gone on a college tour, received help in homework, and have participated in multiple activities. The activities include gardening, cooking, and photography. In Nica-Photo, I have had the chance to have my photographs displayed to a larger audience outside of the school. In gardening, I now know how to plant, seed, water, and take care of vegetables and herbs. In cooking, I’ve learned how to bake and cook a variety of different foods. In 2013, I went on the college tour and visited North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. With this experience, I feel that I have more knowledge and a better understanding to what I am looking for in a college for the future.

The Carver Program has increased my social skills and has made me become more of an extrovert. I now have a group of friends within the program that I’ve been able to connect with in my classes, as well as other extra-curricular activities. It is an honor to be a part of the program and I thank all who have helped and will continue to support my journey throughout high school at Norwalk High with the Carver Youth Development Program. I’d like to thank my family for pushing and guiding me to make the right choice by joining this program.

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