Sandrelys Cruz Learns Child Care Provider Skills Through Stratford Parents Place

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When Sandrelys Cruz became involved with FFN last year, she was only doing child care for one child.  She wanted to become a professional child care provider.  When Migda Carrero, parent educator, made an initial home visit, she had many questions especially about curriculum, daily schedules, and behavioral techniques.

When she started using the Ready to Go Learning Bags, they helped her introduce new concepts and expand on existing ones.  For example, when she worked on the concept of opposites, she would only use pictures of objects and animals.  The parent educator introduced the importance of using a variety of sensory activities to reinforce this concept. 

Migda also worked on organizing her daily schedule so parents know what activities and learning concepts the children are working on.  One parent expressed that she loves seeing the schedule because she can discuss it with her child.  She also writes daily parent notes about what the children have learned and how their day went.

The FFN home visiting component has really helped Sandrelys deal with behavioral issues.  She now uses a greater range of positive techniques e.g. redirection, choice-making, and an awareness of how her body language gives messages to the children.

In Ms. Cruz’s own words, “The home visit session has been great for me because they have helped my self-esteem as a provider.  I feel more confident of the work that I’m doing and having my personal resource person in this community, is just a gift sent from heaven.”

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