Marisol Rivera and Her Parents Are Grateful for Carver Center Youth Development Program

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My journey with the Carver Foundation’s Youth Development Program began my freshman year. I joined half-way through the year because my history teacher felt that I was not performing to my potential. My mother, friends, and teachers suggested that I make the commitment to Carver and the program has influenced me greatly academically, socially, and personally.

Computer labs are available, as well as tutoring, or we can get extra help from our own teachers. The Carver staff ensures that we remain on task, and are always glad to help students. Since I joined Carver in my first year of high school, the program teachers and managers have helped me to grow as a person and as a student. I have learned to manage my time better, to become more organized, and to avoid getting distracted from my studies. I believe I became more aware of the quality of my assignments, given the extra time I have in the program, and that has helped me maintain my grades. I have benefited greatly from the guidance, care, and help of each teacher.

Thankfully, we have a break after “homework time,” when a snack is provided. After these fifteen minutes, we have an activity such as dance, improvisation, Zumba, jewelry, and a variety of other fun activities. I enjoy having the activities because it gives me time to be stress-free. Having difficult classes, and trying to get straight A’s make high school a challenging environment. However, Carver gives me so many opportunities to keep up with my work, and have time to enjoy learning new skills.

As a Hispanic, it was always hard for me to ask for help after school. My parents would not know how to help me, and could not understand the courses I take. My mother has seen a great change in me since my Carver Program journey started. She likes that I can get help with challenges and she always reminds me to take advantage of every opportunity. She also likes the fact that I’m not home for three hours, and that I am not wasting my time. But more importantly, she makes sure that I am doing everything possible to be the best student and person I can be for my future potential. My parents and I believe that, without the Youth Development Program, I would not have achieved my current level of skills and self-confidence. I have learned, benefited, and expanded my education due to every single staff member from the program. I thank them for all they have done.

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