John's Livelihood Slips Away but Helped by Supportive Housing Works

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“John”, his wife, and their three children had maintained stable housing for their entire lives.  John worked as a carpenter in the wealthier suburban towns, and his wife occasionally temped as an elementary school bus driver.  One evening after leaving a job site, over $7,000 of John’s tools were stolen from a private home that John was renovating.  The homeowner didn’t have builders insurance, John couldn’t afford to replace the tools, and the financial instability snowballed until John and his family of five were bouncing around from couch to couch.  Without the resources to replace his equipment and get back to work, and with the hire of a new construction company to finish the job that once sustained his family, John’s livelihood slipped quickly away from him.  After calling multiple organizations with no success, John moved his children into the small den of a neighbor’s home and slept out of his pickup truck for weeks.  After hearing about Coordinated Entry at the local train station, John called 211 and was connected to their housing specialist team.  Shortly thereafter, John was sitting with a trained Coordinated Entry Staff who exhausted both formal and informal housing resources to help get John and his family back into stable housing.  John was immediately connected to the local workforce agency, and was connected to emergency shelter all at one time.  After three short weeks, John started a new job in construction under another foreman, received short term rapid rehousing resources to rent a safe and affordable apartment for him, his wife, and their children, and have remained stably housed.  John plans to become a homeowner again, but is focused on regaining his financial security, replacing his stolen tools, and returning to the life he and his wife desire for their children.

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