Hales Court Resident Get Help for Child

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A 5th grade participant from a single, working parent home, with frequent school absences and a noted history of social/emotional difficulties, began attending the afterschool program last spring.  Since beginning the program, the student has had frequent conflicts with other children and appeared to lack supportive one to one connections with others.   As a result of these first-hand observations and interactions, Town social workers and program leaders have been able to collaborate with school personnel to develop a supportive plan for the child during the afterschool program which is consistent with school interventions in order to assist the student in managing conflictual interactions and increasing feelings of safety in and out of the school/neighborhood environment.  The student has now been identified for the Westport Mentor Program and will be matched with a caring community member who will meet with the student during the afterschool program, thus enhancing her community connections and providing further supportive relationships.

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