Danielle Smith, a Mom Who Appreciates the Read-at-Home Initiative

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Danielle Smith, a single mother, works in the school office at the George E. Pipkin ABCD program in Bridgeport. She has three children, one of whom is in the preschool program there. She attended the workshops presented by Read to Grow in the summer and was enthusiastic about the Grow Truck and RTG’s association with it.

“This is good to have. Getting books, hearing this, it’s a benefit for us. It makes a difference in our lives. I came to the workshop to learn and to show the parents there’s no stigma. They see me here and that’s good.”

Huwerl Thornton, the Mobile Distribution Coordinator for Connecticut Food Bank and Grow Truck, said:  “It’s great to watch parents get excited about books. They see Books that were their favorites in childhood. When they pick them, you know they’re going to be reading at home.”

Another workshop attendee spent time with the RTG coordinator filling out a survey about reading. Because he had difficulty reading, he asked for help and was able to complete the form. He said that it was important for his son to become a reader so he wouldn’t have to struggle the way he has. He stayed for the workshop and made sure to take books home his son.

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