Celebrating the Work of the Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children (BAYC)

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A celebration of the accomplishments of BAYC.

BAYC was formed over 10 years ago focused on improving outcomes for children under eight years old in the city. With support from the William Casper Graustein Memorial Fund and United Way of Coastal Fairfield County (UWCFC) and leadership from  the Mayor and Superintendent, city residents and decision-makers worked together using research and metrics to develop Bridgeport’s Blueprint for Young Children.

In order to bring information to families in their neighborhoods, a group called the Community Messengers was formed. This group of neighborhood residents, referred to as the “Walking Yellow pages” was instrumental in helping to educate parents on the importance of pre-school, assisting with developmental tracking and communicating what services were available to lower income families throughout the city.

BAYC was instrumental in launching programs such as Kickoff to Kindergarten, for children without pre-school experience, promoting home visiting for new mothers and children, the development of Lee Y Seras, a program to promote literacy for young children within the Spanish speaking community and initiating efforts towards having all city children reading at grade level by 3rd grade.

The framework of BAYC established a strong foundation for Bridgeport Prospers expanding the work to improve outcomes for children and youth from cradle to career. Bridgeport Prospers  will take the community from collaboration to a more integrated approach of working collectively.

As we thank everyone who has been so important to the progress of Bridgeport’s children, we invite you to learn more about Bridgeport Prospers and how you can continue to be involved.

To see pictures from the event, visit our photo gallery.