Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children

Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children

A Partnership of United Way of Coastal Fairfield County

The Bridgeport Alliance for Young Children (BAYC), convened by the United Way, the City of Bridgeport and Bridgeport Public Schools, is the city’s early childhood collaborative comprised of parents and providers and more than 150 active volunteers..  BAYC works with families and the greater community to ensure access to quality early care, as well as education and health services for all children, birth to age eight.

BAYC’s work includes :

  • “1-2-3 Read ... Leer Uno-Dos-Tres” - the national campaign for third grade reading success focusing on three strategies: quality preschool, chronic absenteeism, and summer learning loss.  
  • Kick Off to Kindergarten - a three-week program for children entering school with no formal preschool experience that includes introductions to books, numbers, and playing in groups. Parental involvement is encouraged through two workshops. Pre- and post-course assessments of personal, social, language and literacy skills show growth in just six weeks.
  • Community Messengers - trains parent volunteers for better communication between schools and home, shares opportunities to learn parenting skills, and provides a vehicle that allows parents to help other parents. More than fifty volunteers are now Community Messengers.   
  • Lee y seras® - a six-week family empowerment program for Hispanic parents that reinforces parents as important teachers and encourages  them to share their heritage through storytelling.

For more information please contact June Malone at 203-339-6318, or