5 Year Old Anne Gets Help from Westport Child First

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Child First received a DCF referral about “Anne” (5 years old). She was living with her mother and maternal grandparents.  She was required (by court order) to visit her father several times/week. She would cry hysterically and not want to go. Anne had reported that her father hit her in the face and that his family was mean to her, prompting a DCF investigation & causing DCF to refer the family to CF.

CF helped the father manage his difficult feelings about her & ways to talk to her about coming on the visit. CF also worked with him on the importance of his just ‘showing up’ each week and letting her know how important she was to him.

DCF closed the case after an investigation. The father expressed that he would like very much to continue & CF has worked with them for 1hr./week for the past eight months; the father has missed only one session.

Anne now comes willingly on visits with her father and as he buckles her into her car seat, she regularly says “I’m going to miss you when you drop me off, Daddy”.  She is often affectionate with him and they laugh and play in a way that is very different than it was. The mother and father are communicating more effectively and discussing issues that were previously off-limits.

Child First continues to work with this father and daughter to help them navigate some of the roadblocks that still exist. It appears that Anne & her father have a much stronger foundation upon which to build their future together.

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